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White paper on crime 2000

Economic Offenses:Current Situation and Countermeasures



Part1Crime Trends

Chapter 1Outline of Penal Code Offenses
    Section 1Overview
    Section 2Trends in Major Penal Code Offenses
        1Heinous offenses
        2Violent offenses
        3Property offenses
        4Sexual offenses
        5Other penal code offenses
Chapter 2Outline of Special Law Offenses
    Section 1Overview
    Section 2Trends in Major Special Law Offenses
        1Foreigner-related offenses
        2Public security
        3Public morals
        7Ordinance violations
Chapter 3Comparison with Crime Trends in Other Countries
    Section 1Major Offenses
    Section 2Homicide
    Section 3Larceny
Chapter 4Offenses Committed by and against Japanese Nationals Overseas
    Section 1Overseas Travel and Overseas Residence by Japanese Nationals
    Section 2Offenses Committed by Japanese Nationals Overseas
    Section 3Offenses Committed against Japanese Nationals Overseas

Part2Treatment of Offenders

Chapter 1Overview
Chapter 2Prosecution
    Section 1Overview
    Section 2Reception of Suspected Cases
    Section 3Arrest and Detention of Suspects
    Section 4Processing of Suspected Cases
    Section 5Time Taken to Process Cases
Chapter 3Trial
    Section 1Overview
    Section 2Final Trial
        1Defendants finally adjudicated by trial
        2The first instance
        3The last instance
    Section 3Sentencing
        1Death sentence
        2Life imprisonment
        3Determinate sentence imprisonment with or without labor
        5Suspended sentence, etc.
    Section 4Length of Trials
    Section 5Detention and Bail
    Section 6Criminal Compensation
    Section 7State of Trials and Sentencing in Cases Involving Aum Shinrikyo Cult Members
Chapter 4Correction of Adult Offenders
    Section 1Overview
    Section 2State of Detention in Correctional institutions
        1Trends in the average daily population, etc.
        2Trends in numbers of newly imprisoned offenders
        3Characteristics of newly imprisoned offenders
    Section 3Treatment of Inmates
        2Treatment on admission
        3Priority of treatment in the central period
        4Guidance and support prior to release
    Section 4Treatment of Detainees Awaiting Trial, etc.
    Section 5Treatment in Women's Guidance Homes
Chapter 5Rehabilitation Services
    Section 1Overview
    Section 2Parole
        1Overview of parole
        2Administration of parole
        3Other measures
    Section 3Probation
        2Data on probation
        3Other measures
        4Results of implementation of probation
    Section 4Emergency Rehabilitation Aid
    Section 5Juridical Person for Offenders Rehabilitation Services
        2Trends in continuous aid services
    Section 6Pardons
        (1)General pardon
        (2)Special pardon
        (3)Reduced sentence
        (4)Remission of execution of sentence
        (5)Restoration of rights
    Section 7Private Sector Support Organizations, etc. , and Crime Prevention Activities
        1Volunteer probation officer organizations
        2BBS associations
        3Women's rehabilitation associations
        4Cooperating employers
        5Crime prevention activities
Chapter 6International Cooperation in Criminal Justice
    Section 1Overview
    Section 2Trends in International Efforts for Criminal Justice
        1United Nations
        2Summit meetings
    Section 3Transnational Fugitives and Their Extradition
        1Transnational fugitives from Japan
        2Extradition of fugitives
    Section 4International Assistance in Investigation and Judicial Assistance
        1Assistance in investigation, etc.
        2Assistance in judicial matters

Part3Trends in Juvenile Delinquency and Treatment of Juvenile Delinquents

Chapter 1Trends in, and Characteristics of, Juvenile Delinquency
    Section 1Trends in Juvenile Penal Code Offenses
        1Number of cleared juveniles
        2.Trends by age group
        3Trends by category of offenses
    Section 2Trends in Juvenile Special Law Offenses
        1Number of juveniles referred by the police
        2Drug offenses
        3Traffic offenses
    Section 3Trends in Pre-Delinquency
    Section 4Characteristics of Juvenile Delinquency
        1Delinquency among females
        2Group delinquency
        3Family and delinquency
        4School and delinquency
        5Bullying and delinquency
        6Trends in the juvenile delinquency rate
Chapter 2Treatment of Juvenile Delinquents
    Section 1Outline of Treatment
    Section 2Prosecution and Trial in Juvenile Cases
        1Prosecution in juvenile cases
        2Adjudication of juveniles
        3Criminal trial of juveniles
        4Compensation for juvenile cases
    Section 3Classification at Juvenile Classification Homes
        2Admission and discharge
        3Classification activities
        4Characteristics of newly admitted juveniles
    Section 4Treatment at Juvenile Training Schools
        2Admission and discharge
        3Characteristics of Newly Admitted Juveniles
        4Treatment in juvenile training schools
    Section 5Treatment of Juvenile Inmates
        2Conditions of detention and characteristics of juvenile inmates
        3Outline of treatment of juvenile inmates
    Section 6Rehabilitation Services for Juveniles
        1Release on parole of juveniles
        2Probationary supervision of juveniles

Part4Specific Offenses and Offenders

Chapter 1Drug Offenses
    Section 1Trends in Drug Offenses
        1Stimulant drug Offenses
        2Narcotic drug offenses
        3Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Law violations
        4Narcotics Special Provision Law violations
    Section 2Treatment of Drug Offenders
        1Dispositions by public prosecutors offices
        2Adjudication by courts
        3Correction and rehabilitation of drug offenders
    Section 3Measures against Drug Offenses
Chapter 2Offenses Committed by Foreign Nationals
    Section 1Trends in Immigration
    Section 2Trends in Offenses Committed by Foreign Nationals
        1Trends in penal code offenses by foreigners
        2Trends in special law offenses by foreigners
    Section 3Treatment of Foreign Offenders
        1Dispositions by public prosecutors offices
        2Adjudication by courts
        3Correction and rehabilitation of foreign offenders
Chapter 3Traffic Offenses
    Section 1Trends in Traffic Offenses
        1Traffic professional negligence
        2Traffic-related law violations
    Section 2Treatment of Traffic Offenders
        1Dispositions by public prosecutors offices
        2Adjudication by courts
        3Correction and rehabilitation of traffic offenders
Chapter 4Offenses Committed by Women
    Section 1Penal Code Offenses Committed by Women
    Section 2Special Law Offenses Committed by Women
    Section 3Treatment of Female Offenders
        1Dispositions by public prosecutors offices
        2Adjudication by courts
        3Correctional Treatment of Female Offenders
Chapter 5Offenses by Mentally Disordered Persons
    Section 1Overview
    Section 2Outline of Mentally Disordered Offenders
        1Number of the mentally disordered, etc. , cleared for penal code offenses
        2Criminal disposition of mentally incompetent and mentally deficient persons
    Section 3Characteristics of Mentally Disordered Offenders
        1Types of offense and mental disorder
        2Treatment at the time of the offense
        3Condition on discharge from hospital and the period between discharge and offense
        4  Treatment under the Mental Health and Welfare Law after the offense
    Section 4  The Mentally Disordered in Correctional Facilities
Chapter 6Other Offenses
    Section 1Public Official Offenses
        2Accepting bribes
    Section 2Computer-Related Offenses
        1Trends in computer-related offenses and disposition by public prosecutors offices  and courts
        2Measures against computer-related offenses
    Section 3Firearm Offenses
        1Trends in firearm offenses
        2Adjudication by courts on Firearms and Swords Law violations
        3Measures against firearm offenses
    Section 4Extremist Group Offenses
        1Guerrilla incidents
        2Intra-group strife

Part5Victims of Crime and State Support

Chapter 1Actual Situation of Damage Caused by Crime
    Section 1Survey on Damage Causedby Crime1
        2Survey result
        3Comparison with1989survey
        4Comparison with other countries
    Section 2Damage Due to Crime as Shown by Statistics
        1Damage to life and limb
        2Property damage
        3Damage caused by sexual offenses
        4Relationship between victims and suspects
Chapter 2Consideration for Victims in Criminal Justice
    Section 1Criminal Proceedings and Victims
        1Criminal investigation and disposition of cases
        2Relief measures against non-prosecution
        3Public trial
        4Compromise in criminal proceedings
        5Protection of victims, etc.
        6Information to victims
    Section 2Treatment of Offenders and Victims
        1Victims and corrective treatment
        2Victims and rehabilitation
    Section 3Benefits Paid to Crime Victims
        1Benefit payment schemes for crime victims, etc.
        2Automobile liability security schemes
        3Relief schemes for injury inflicted on witnesses, etc.

Part6Situation of and Measures against  Economic Offenses

Section 1Trends in Economic Offenses
Section 2Disposition of Economic Offenses
Section 3Situation of and Sentencing for Economic Offenses Related to Corporate Activities
Section 4Situation of and Sentencing for Offenses Related to Bankruptcies
Section 5Measures against Economic Offenses in Other Countries

Part7Trends in Offenses by Organized Crime Groups and Treatment of Organized Crime Group Members

Section 1Trends in Membership of Organized Crime Groups and Offenses by Organized Crime Groups
Section 2Correctional Treatment and Rehabilitation of Persons Related to Organized Crime Groups
Section 3Sentiments, etc. , of Inmates Related to Organized Crime Groups
Section 4Situation of Persons Related to Organized Crime Groups on Probation with Suspended Execution of Sentence


Appendix I-1Number of Reported Penal Code Offense and Offenders Cleared by the Police(1946-1999)
Appendix I-2Number of Reported Penal Code Offenses, Number of Offenses and Persons Cleared by the Police, and Clearrance Rate(1999)
Appendix I-3Clearance Rate of Penal Code Offenses, by Major Offenses(1990-1999)
Appendix I-4Number of Reported Penal Code Offenses, Offenses and Offenders Cleared by the Police, by Major Offenses(1990-1999)
Appendix I-5Number of Reported Larceny, by Type of Criminal Technique(1990-1999)
Appendix I-6Number of Suspects Newly Received by the Public Prosecutors Offices, by Offense(1990-1999)
Appendix I-7Number of Persons Cleared by Police for Immigration Control Law and Alien Registration Law Violation, by Offense(1995-1999)
Appendix II-1Persons Disposed of by Public Prosecutors Offices, by Offense(1990-1999)
Appendix II-2Offenders Newly Received by Public Prosecutors Offices, by Offense(1990-1999)
Appendix II-3Prosecution Rate and Suspension of Prosecution Rate, by Offense(1990-1999)
Appendix II-4Number of Persons Processed by District/Family Court, by Offense and Sentence(1998)
Appendix II-5Average Daily Population fo Panel Institutions(1950,1955,1960,1965,1970,1975,1980,1985-2000)
Appendix II-6Number of Newly Admitted Prisoners and Female Rate(1946-1999)
Appendix II-7Composition of Newly Admitted Prisoners, by Offense(1997-1999)
Appendix II-8Newly Admitted Prisoners, by Gender and Offense(1999)
Appendix II-9Frequency of Admission of Newly Admitted Prisoners, by Offense(1999)
Appendix II-10Duration of Re-Admission of Recidivists, by Previous Offense(1999)
Appendix II-11Number of Parole Applications, etc. (1949-1999)
Appendix II-12Number of Newly Received Probationers(1949-1999)
Appendix II-13Fugitives Extradited to the Requested Country(1990-1999)
Appendix II-14Request for Assistance in Criminal Investigation to Other Countries(1990-1999)
Appendix II-15Request for Assistance in Criminal investigation from Other Countries(1990-1999)
Appendix II-16Organization Asked Mutual Assistance in Criminal Investigigation from Other Countries(1990-1999)
Appendix III-1Number of Persons Cleared for Penal code Offenses, by Juveniles and Adults(1946-1999)
Appendix III-2Number of Juveniles Cleared for Penal Code Offenses excluding Road Traffic Violation and Ratio of Juveniles, by Age Group(1966-1999)
Appendix III-3Number of Juveniles Cleared for Penal Code Offenses, by Age Group and Offense(1999)
Appendix III-4Number of JuVeniles cleaared for Penal Code Offenses, by Offense(1946-1999)
Appendix III-5Populatin Rate of Juvenile Penal Code Offenders Cleared by the Police, by Major Offense(1946-1999)
Appendix III-6Number of Juveniles Cleared for Special Law Offenses, by Offense(1956-1999)
Appendix III-7Number of Juveniles of Illegal Behavior Adjudicated at Family Court(1969-1999)
Appendix III-8Number of Juveniles Newly Received by Public Prosecutors Offices, by Offense and Age Group(1995-1998)
Appendix III-9Suggestions by Public Prosecutor and Final Adjudication of Family Court, by Age Group(1998)
Appendix III-10Number of Juveniles Disposed of at Public Prosecutors Offices(1999)
Appendix III-11Adjudication by Family Court for Juvenile Cases, by Offense(1975,1985,1996-1998)
Appendix III-12Number of Newly Admitted Persons and Daily Average Population in Juvenile Classificaion Home(1949-1999)
Appendix III-13Number of Juveniles in Juvenile Training School, by Gender and Treatment Programs(1949-2000)
Appendix III-14Number of Juveniles in Juvenile Training School, by Age and Treatment Program(1999)
Appendix III-15Number of Juveniles in Juvenile Training School, by Treatment Program and Offense(1997-1999)
Appendix IV-1Confiscation and Penalty Collection for Narcotics Special Provision Law Violation(1992-1999)
Appendix IV-2Disposition by Public Prosecutors Office for Drug Offense(1990-1999)
Appendix IV-3Number of Cases and Persons Cleared for Penal Code Offense by Foreign Nationals(1980-1999)]
Appendix IV-4Number of Case and Persons Cleared for Special Law Offense by Foreign Nationals(1980-1999)
Appendix IV-5Disposition by Public Prosectutor Office for Offenses by Foreign Nationals(1990-1999)
Appendix IV-6Number of Traffic Accidents, and Persons Killed and Injured(1955-1999)
Appendix IV-7Number of Road Traffic Law Violations(1998-1999)
Appendix IV-8Disposition by Public Prosecutors Office, by G ender(1990-1999)
Appendix IV-9Number of Mentally Disorderd Persons, by Offense and Disease(Total from 1997-1999)
Appendix IV-10Medical Treatment After Commission of Offense, by Offense(Total of 1997-1999)
Appendix IV-11Number of Persons Cleared for Firearm and Sword Control Law Violations(1995-2000)
Appendix V-1Number of Crime Victims, by Offense and Person Killed and Injured(1999)