PART 1 Crime Trends

Chapter 1 Penal Code Offenses

Section 1 Principal Data

Section 2 Non-traffic Penal Code Offenses

1 Theft

2 Non-traffic Penal Code offenses excluding theft

3 Special fraud

Chapter 2 Special Act Offenses

Section 1 Principal Data

Section 2 Major Special Act Offenses

Chapter 3 Various Types of Offenses

Section 1 Traffic Offenses

1 Trends in traffic offenses

Section 2 Financial and Economic Offenses

1 Tax related offenses

2 Economic offenses

3 Intellectual-property-related offenses

Section 3 Cybercrime

PART 2 Treatment of Offenders

Chapter 1 Overview

1 Procedure in public prosecutors offices

2 Courts

3 Treatment in correctional institutions

4 Treatment under rehabilitation services

Chapter 2 Prosecution

Section 1 Referrals

Section 2 Disposition

Chapter 3 Courts

Section 1 Final Judgment

Section 2 Courts of First Instance

Section 3 Appeals

Section 4 Saiban-in Trial

Chapter 4 Institutional Correction of Adult Offenders

Section 1 Imprisonment in Penal Institutions

1 Number of inmates in penal institutions

2 Number of new inmates

3 Characteristics of new inmates

Section 2 Treatment of Inmates

1 Overview of treatment

Chapter 5 Rehabilitation Services

Section 1 Parole

1 Parole examinations

2 Number of parolees

3 Rate of served term of imprisonment

Section 2 Probation and Parole Supervision

1 Number of probationers and parolees

2 Measures for providing treatment for probationers and parolees

Section 3 Volunteer Probation Officers and Halfway Houses

1 Volunteer probation officers

2 Halfway houses

PART 3 Trends in Juvenile Delinquencies and Treatment of Juvenile Delinquents

Chapter 1 Trends in Juvenile Delinquencies

Section 1 Penal Code Offenses Committed by Juveniles

1 Number of juveniles cleared

2 Trends by type of delinquency

Section 2 Special Act Offenses Committed by Juveniles

1 Number of juveniles referred to public prosecutors

Section 3 Pre-Delinquents

Chapter 2 Treatment of Juvenile Delinquents

Section 1 Overview

1 Procedure until referral to family courts

2 Procedure in family courts

3 Procedure for protective measures

Section 2 Referrals of Juvenile Cases to Public Prosecutors and Courts

1 Investigation (until referral to family courts)

2 Family courts

Section 3 Classification in Juvenile Classification Homes

Section 4 Treatment in Juvenile Training Schools

1 Juveniles newly admitted to juvenile training schools

2 Treatment provided in juvenile training schools

Section 5 Probation and Parole Supervision for Juveniles

1 Juvenile probationers and parolees

2 Categorized Treatment

Chapter 3 Criminal Procedure for Juveniles

PART 4 Trends in Offenses by Specific Types of Offenders and Their Treatment

Chapter 1 Repeat Offenders

Section 1 Clearance

1 Repeat offenders cleared for non-traffic Penal Code offenses

Section 2 Prosecution and Trial

1 Previously convicted persons among those prosecuted

Section 3 Corrections

1 Inmates reimprisoned

2 Reimprisonment of released inmates

Section 4 Probation and Parole Supervision

1 Status of probationers and parolees

2 Violations of probation and parole

Chapter 2 Foreign National Offenders

Section 1 Trends in Offenses

1 Penal Code offenses

2 Special act offenses

Section 2 Treatment

1 Prosecution

2 Correction

3 Probation and parole supervision

Chapter 3 Offenders who Belonged to Organized Crime Groups

Section 1 Trends in Organized Crime Group Members

Section 2 Trends in Offenses

Chapter 4 Drug Offenders

Section 1 Trends in Offenses

1 Stimulants Control Act violations

2 Other drug-related offenses

Section 2 Imprisonment of Stimulant Offenders

1 Prosecution and court

2 Corrections

Chapter 5 Elderly Offenders

Section 1 Trends in Offenses

Section 2 Imprisonment of Elderly Offenders

Chapter 6 Offenders with Mental Disorders

Section 1 Trends in Offenses

Section 2 Medical Care and Treatment System for Mentally Ill

1 Hearings

PART 5 Crime Victims

Chapter 1 Official Statistics on Damage Resulting from Offenses

Section 1 Number of Cases Involving Human Victims

Section 2 Relationships between Victims and Suspects

Section 3 Child Victims

Chapter 2 Victims in Criminal Justice Process

Section 1 Participation of Victims in Criminal Justice Proceedings

Section 2 Compensation to Crime Victims