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 White paper on crime 2003 Part 5/Chap.7/Sec.2/4 

4 Countermeasures and challenges regarding the treatment at correctional institutions and probation offices

  Penal institutions conduct educational programs and provide guidance while taking victims' views into consideration, with the aim of encouraging inmates to regret their acts and become aware of a sense of guilt. Further enhancement of such steady efforts for correctional treatment will finally contribute to preventing and reducing repeat offenses.
  Juvenile training schools conduct educational programs while taking victims' views into consideration, and in particular, establish a new class (G3) for the treatment of juveniles who need special programs for correction and rehabilitation on the ground that they have committed grave delinquent acts and have very complex and serious problems. These correctional measures should be further reinforced.
  For parolees and probationers, various measures are being taken such as encouraging them to participate in volunteer activities and other social activities, providing advice on building appropriate friendship and learning at school, making coordination with families, and providing guidance on compensation to victims. It is necessary to reinforce cooperation with schools and communities and enhance measures to achieve rehabilitation, which will also contribute to preventing repeat offenses.