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 White paper on crime 2003 Part 5/Chap.7/Sec.2/3 

3 Countermeasures and challenges regarding punishments

  When dealing with offenses that are malicious and serious in terms of various aspects such as the level of damage and social unrest that they cause, it is necessary to impose severe punishments for them while giving due consideration to feelings of victims. In particular, it is needless to say that offenses that might be easily imitated, such as serial robbery, robbery through causing unconsciousness by using sleep-inducing medicine and other drugs, and serial rape, should be punished severely for the purpose of preventing the public from imitating such offenses. With respect to cases of heinous offenses committed by juveniles, efforts should be made to deal with such cases in accordance with the revised Juvenile Law, and for the purpose of nipping crimes in the bud, it is important to endeavor to take appropriate measures even for cases that have not resulted in serious cases, because juvenile offenders in these cases might commit more serious offenses if no measures were taken. As countermeasures against offenses committed by groups, efforts should be made to encourage juveniles to break away from delinquent friends and weaken delinquent groups.