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 White paper on crime 2003 Part 5/Chap.7/Sec.2/5 

5 Countermeasures and challenges regarding issues other than those related to criminal justice

  With respect to offenses by juveniles, it is necessary that families (parents), schools, and communities will, through developing cooperation with the authorities concerned, improve educational programs focusing on sentiments and morals and foster juveniles full of humanity. Furthermore, in order to prevent adults and juveniles from borrowing or spending money without careful thought and finally falling into financial failure, it is also necessary to improve educational programs and public relations to provide them with necessary information on life designing and finance management and reinforce consultation services on this issue. This may be one of effective measures to prevent them from choosing the worst option, committing heinous offenses. Due consideration should also be given to the wide spreading of sleep-inducing medicines and other drugs and tools that are misused for committing offenses frequently, such as handcuffs, stun guns, and tear gas.