Chapter 4 Attitudes of Juvenile Delinquents/Young Offenders

In order to identify the characteristics of juvenile delinquents the Research and Training Institute of the Ministry of Justice has been surveying their attitudes toward life and sense of values, etc. on a regular basis since 1990. In addition to identifying annual changes in the attitudes of juvenile delinquents toward life, etc., the survey conducted here also included young offenders as subjects and compared the attitude toward life, etc. of both juvenile delinquents and young offenders and with the aim of identifying their characteristics (See Section 2 of this chapter). The survey also aimed to identify the risk factors of delinquencies and offenses and what is required in their rehabilitation by analyzing the attitudes of juvenile delinquents and young offenders with regard to factors that led them to committing delinquencies or offenses and the subsequent dispositions, etc. (See Section 3 of this chapter).