3 Correction

The number of new foreign national inmates was 1,289 in 2010 (down 7.4% from the previous year) (Source: Annual Report of Statistics on Correction).

Foreign national inmates that require different treatment from that of Japanese inmates are categorized as Class F inmates and treated according to the culture and customs, etc. of their home countries. Fig. 4-1-3-5 shows the number of new Class F inmates over the last 20 years. The number started to increase sharply in 1998, reaching 1,690 in 2004, but then continued to decrease every year from 2005, and was 780 in 2010. By nationality, etc. of new Class F inmates in 2010, 195 were from China, or the largest in number, followed by 119 from Brazil, 75 from Iran, 71 from South/North Korea, and 68 from Vietnam (See Appendix 4-5). By type of offense, theft was the largest in number at 257 persons, followed by Stimulants Control Act violations at 179, Immigration Control Act violations at 94, robbery at 58, injury/assault at 29, Road Traffic Act violations at 26, and Narcotics and Psychotropic Control Act violations at 24 (Source: Annual Report of Statistics on Correction).

As of the end of 2010 the number of Class F inmates was 2,786 (2,538 males and 248 females), a decrease of 6.4% from the end of the previous year (Source: Annual Report of Statistics on Correction).

Fig. 4-1-3-5 Number of new Class F inmates by gender (1991-2010)

Fig. 4-1-3-5