4 Probation/parole supervision

The number of foreign national probationers and parolees newly placed under probation/parole supervision was 1,051 in 2010 (down 14.3% from the previous year). By nationality, etc., 331 were from China, or the largest in number, followed by 301 from South/North Korea, 94 from Brazil, 71 from Iran, and 57 from Vietnam (See Appendix 4-6). When limited to visiting foreign nationals, 807 were newly placed under probation/parole supervision (down 15.7% (id.)), of whom 791 were parolees and 16 probationers (Source: Annual Report of Statistics on Rehabilitation).

As of the end of 2010 the number of foreign nationals (excluding permanent residents and special permanent residents) under probation/parole supervision was 591 (down 15.1% from the end of the previous year), of whom 528 were parolees and 63 probationers. Of the parolees 488 had been subjected to deportation, with 392 already deported, 94 detained in deportation procedures, and two provisionally released (Source: The Rehabilitation Bureau, Ministry of Justice).