5 Persons cleared

Fig. 7-1-1-9 shows the number of persons cleared for serious offenses by gender and age group over the last 30 years. By age group the number of cleared persons aged 50 or older was large for homicide and arson, with the number of cleared persons aged 65 or older having significantly increased in recent years (See Section 1, Chapter 4, Part 3). In contrast to that the number of cleared persons younger than 30 was large for injury causing death, robbery, and rape. The female rate of persons cleared in 2009 was 20.2% for homicide, 8.7% for injury causing death, 7.1% for robbery, and 21.1% for arson (21.1% for all non-traffic penal code offenses). The number of females cleared has been on a significantly increasing trend with the female rate also having accordingly risen.

Fig. 7-1-1-9 Number of persons cleared by age group and type of offense (1980-2009)

Fig. 7-1-1-9