3 Form of offense, etc.

(1) Form of robbery

Fig. 7-1-1-6 shows the number of adults/juveniles cleared for robbery by the form of the offense over the last 20 years. The number of adults cleared in 2009 was 202 (8.5%) for robbery at residence, 367 (15.5%) for robbery at a convenience store, 73 (3.1%) for robbery at a financial institution, 252 (10.6%) for other type of store robbery, and 455 (19.2%) for on-the-street robbery. Around 90% of cleared juveniles were for non-burglary robbery, with most of them being for on-the-street robbery. The juvenile rate of persons cleared for non-burglary robbery was around 50%, but the number of juveniles cleared for non-burglary robbery significantly decreased on and after 2004, with the juvenile rate also declining into 30-35%. In contrast to that however, the number of juveniles cleared for burglary robbery used to be small but has been on a slightly increasing trend in recent years.

Fig. 7-1-1-6 Number of persons cleared for robbery by form of offense (1990-2009)

Fig. 7-1-1-6

(2) Place of occurrence of rape

Table 7-1-1-7 shows the number of reported cases for rape by place of occurrence in 2009. Inside residences was the largest in number (45.3%), but with outdoors, including on the street, etc., also being high at 23.5%.

Table 7-1-1-7 Number of reported cases for rape by place of occurrence (2009)

Table 7-1-1-7