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 White paper on crime 2003 Part 5/Chap.3/Sec.1 

Chapter 3 Changes in the Nature of Heinous Offenses (Characteristics of Changes)

Section 1 Five Key Concepts to Comprehend Changes

  Analysis on general criminal statistics of heinous offenses, which are featured in the special article of this White Paper, and analysis on the special surveys have revealed the following 5 noticeable trends that seem to be necessary to correctly understand changes in heinous offenses: (i) "changes in young offenders (juvenile offenders aged 14-19 and offenders in their 20s)" and (ii) "changes in offenders related to organized crime groups and foreign national offenders," focusing on the attribution of offenders; (iii) "social background and its influence," focusing on motives and background factors of offenses; (iv) "changes in regions where crimes arise," focusing on regions where offenses are committed; and (v) "increasing damage to females, minors, and elderly people," focusing on the attribution of victims. In this Chapter, we will carry out analysis using these 5 key concepts to grasp changes in heinous offenses in the order mentioned above.