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 White paper on crime 2003 Part 4/Chap.1/Sec.4/3 

3 Family violence

   Fig. 4-1-4-4 shows juvenile family violence cases in the last 10 years, by educational and employment situation of juveniles.
  The number of reported cases of juvenile family violence has been on an upward trend since 1995, and it rapidly increased to 1,386 (up 48.9% from the previous year) in 2000. However, it fell to 1,289 (down 7.0% from the previous year) in 2001, and remained the same level at 1,291 in 2002. By educational and employment situation, the percentage for junior high school students was highest, accounting for 32.5% in 2002.

Fig. 4-1-4-4 Juvenile family violence cases, by educational and employment situation of juveniles (1993-2002)

  Examining the targets of family violence in 2002, the mother was the most frequent target, accounting for 761 cases (58.9%). This was followed by material objects (family property, etc.) with 208 cases (16.1%), relatives who live together with 119 cases (9.2%), the father with 114 cases (8.8%), siblings with 69 cases (5.3%), and others with 20 cases (1.5%) (Source: Data by Community Safety Bureau, National Police Agency).