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 White paper on crime 2003 Part 2/Chap.5/Sec.1 

Chapter 5 Rehabilitation Services

Section 1 Overview

  Rehabilitation services refer to a system for guiding and supporting offenders and delinquents in rehabilitating themselves to become sound members of society. Today, the system of rehabilitation service is wide-ranging and diverse, consisting of (1) examinations and decisions on parole etc., (2) implementation of probationary supervision for parolees and probationers, (3) urgent aftercare of discharged offenders who have been freed from physical constraint under criminal procedures or protective measures, (4) work related to amnesties, and (5) support for crime prevention activities in the community.
   Fig. 2-5-1-1 shows the outline of the structure of the rehabilitation services.

Fig. 2-5-1-1 Structure of the rehabilitation services