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 White paper on crime 2003 Part 2/Chap.2/Sec.3 

Section 3 Arrest and Detention of Suspects

   Table 2-2-3-1 shows the state of arrest and detention of suspects in cases disposed by public prosecutors offices by type of offense, excluding cases of professional negligence in traffic accidents and road traffic violations in 2002.
  The percentage of arrested suspects who were arrested by the police etc. or by public prosecutors in the total suspects (arrest rate) was 32.3%. By type of offense, the arrest rate for robbery was the highest, followed by rape, unsafe driving resulting in death or injury, Stimulant Drug Control Law violation, homicide, etc.
  The percentage of suspects who were subject to detention requests from public prosecutors in the total arrested suspects (detention request rate) was 94.0%. Judges rejected detention requests for 0.1% of the suspects.

Table 2-2-3-1 Number of persons arrested or detained in cases disposed by public prosecutors offices, by type of offense (2002)