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 White paper on crime 2005 Part1/Chapter4/Section6/1 

Section6 Offenses Committed by Offenders with Criminal Histories

1 Repeat offenders

  Fig.1-4-6-1 shows the number of repeat offenders(those cleared for non-traffic penal code offenses with the previous record to have been cleared for penal code offenses or special law offenses excluding Road Traffic Law violations;hereinafter the same in this subsection)among the persons cleared for non-traffic penal code offenses(excluding unsafe driving resulting in death or injury in traffic accidents;hereinafter the same in this and the next subsections),and their proportion to all adults cleared,over the last10years(as for juveniles,see Part4,Chapter2,Section1-2(5) ).
  In2004,repeat offenders were138,997(up by2.7%from the previous year),accounting for35.7%(up by0.1points(id.))of all cleared.Both their number and proportion have risen since1997.

Fig.1-4-6-1  Number of repeat offenders and their proportion of all persons cleared for non-traffic penal code offenses(1995-2004)