3 Guidance for reform

Guidance for reform aims to enable sentenced inmates to become more aware of their responsibility for offenses they committed, foster a sound mind and body, and acquire knowledge and attitude needed in adapting to living in society. It consists of general and special guidance for reform.

General guidance for reform is provided through lectures, gymnastics, events, interviews, consultation and advice, along with other methods, with the aim of helping sentenced inmates [1] understand their victims’ feelings and develop a sense of remorse, [2] lead a regular life with a sound way of thinking, thereby promoting their own mental and physical health, and [3] prepare for returning to society by mapping out a new life while acquiring necessary skills to adapt to living in society, etc.

Special guidance for reform is provided to sentenced inmates who face difficulty in their reformation and rehabilitation or smooth reintegration into society due to special obstacles, such as drug dependency or membership in organized crime groups, with the priority of placing guidance on the obstacle.

Fig. 2-4-2-2 shows the trend in the number of sentenced inmates who were enrolled in special guidance for reform.

Fig. 2-4-2-2 Sentenced inmates enrolled in special guidance for reform

Fig. 2-4-2-2

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