2 Violations of probation and parole

Table 4-1-4-2 shows, with respect to probationers/parolees whose probation/parole supervision terminated within the period of 2008 through 2012, the percentage of those whose cases received criminal dispositions (including suspended prosecution; limited to those who received the final judgment during their probation/parole supervision period if they had been prosecuted) due to repeat offenses during their probation/parole supervision period (redisposition rate), the percentage of those who had their suspension of execution of the sentence/parole revoked due to violation of their conditions for probation/parole supervision or due to repeat offenses (revocation rate), and the percentage of those falling under either one of these cases (those falling under both categories are counted as one person) (revocation/redisposition rate).

Table 4-1-4-2 Redisposition rate, revocation rate, etc. of persons whose probation/parole supervision terminated (2008-2012)

Table 4-1-4-2

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