4 Termination of probation/parole supervision for juveniles

Fig. 4-2-5-7 shows the percent distribution of juvenile probationers and juvenile training school parolees whose probation/parole supervision terminated in 2009 by reason for termination. The proportion of juvenile probationers whose probation terminated because of good-conduct measures of early discharge was 74.7% and that with revocation of protective measures (refers to revocation of former measures and then being placed under new measures due to repeat delinquencies/offenses) 15.8%. The percentage of juvenile training school parolees who were discharged from juvenile training schools because of discharge as a good-conduct measure was 20.0%, that of bad-conduct measures of re-commitment 0.6%, and that with bad-conduct measures of revocation of protective measures 16.0%.

Fig. 4-2-5-7 Percent distribution of juvenile probationers/parolees whose probation/parole supervision terminated by reason for termination (2009)

Fig. 4-2-5-7