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 White paper on crime 2006 Part 6/Chapter 6/5 

5 Direction that criminal policy should take

  We have so far compiled the contents of this special article and offered some recommendations regarding the direction that criminal policy should take in the future. While outlining new trends in the field relating to criminal policy in this special article, it has become clear that the roles that local communities and local residents play are extremely important in this field. Now that the general public's participation in the judiciary in criminal trials is close to being realized through judiciary system reform, we have come to seriously recognize the necessity that criminal justice should be made more open to the general public.
  Organizations related to criminal justice need to further strengthen exchanges and collaboration with local communities and become more open to the general public. They also need to make efforts to actively absorb the general public's vitality and good sense and thereby enhance their own functions so as to further contribute to ensuring public safety and orders.
  That is the very direction in which the new trends of criminal policy should proceed.