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 White paper on crime 2006 Part 6/Chapter 6/4 

4 Measures for judicial system reform

  Next, we will consider measures for the judicial system reform, in particular, for smooth dissemination of the Saiban-in system. Introduction of the Saiban-in system is the most important reform in the field of criminal justice and its smooth dissemination is one of the most significant issues in criminal policy.
  The Saiban-in system is the system aiming to establish the national foundation of the judicial system by reflecting the general public's sound common sense in the contents of trials. In order for the Saiban-in system to fully play a role as the base of the judicial system, the general public needs to understand and realize the significance of participating in trials as a Saiban-in so as to feel willing to participate in trials.
  For that purpose, persons related to criminal justice, in particular, should make efforts to actively have exchanges with the general public on various occasions to ask for their understanding concerning the roles and functions of criminal justice and the significance of their participation in the judiciary. Criminal justice organizations and persons related to criminal justice need to further deepen their relations with local communities and local residents and take sufficient measures for PR activities and legal education, etc. At the same time, for realizing the general public's participation in the judiciary smoothly, criminal trials themselves should be easy to understand.
  Since criminal justice has been mainly managed by legal experts, procedures including technical terms are often difficult for the general public. In order to disseminate the Saiban-in system smoothly and have it play a role as the base of the judicial system sufficiently, persons related to criminal justice need to be fully aware of the viewpoint of the general public while communicating with local communities. It is also important to make the system of criminal justice easier for the general public to understand as much as possible.