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 White paper on crime 2006 Part 6/Chapter 5/Section 1/1 

1 Pre-trial Arrangement Procedure

  Pre-trial Arrangement Procedure is to realize prompt trials by establishing clear trial plans prior to the first trial date after indictment. In the proceedings, public prosecutors and defense counsels clarify the point of view that they plan to present at the formal trial under the presidency of the court and define the main point of the case such as by requesting the investigation of evidence they are going to use as the testimony. The court promotes the trial by determining evidence to be investigated at the formal trial, specifying the orders and ways of the investigation, and designating the date of the formal trial.
  The court may bring a case to Pre-trial Arrangement Procedure when finding it necessary for carrying out fruitful trials in a continuous, planned, and prompt manner. Provisions concerning Pre-trial Arrangement Procedure of the Amended Code of Criminal Procedure, etc. were put into force on November 1, 2005. The Saiban-in Act defines that cases covered by Saiban-in trials (meaning criminal trials participated in by Saiban-ins; hereinafter the same) shall be all brought to Pre-trial Arrangement Procedure.
  Table 6-5-1-1 shows the number of cases brought to Pre-trial Arrangement Procedure up to April 30, 2006.

Table 6-5-1-1  Number of cases brought to Pre-trial Arrangement Procedure (Nov. 1, 2005-Apr. 30, 2006)