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 White paper on crime 2006 Part 6/Chapter 4/Section 1/4 

4 Conclusion

  Although the number of reported cases of rape and forcible indecency has decreased in recent years and the clearance rate, which once dropped sharply, has shown a sign of recovery, the overall situation of sexual offenses in Japan does not allow any optimism.
  The fact that rape and forcible indecency often cause serious results including death or injury and minors are frequently targeted suggests the seriousness of damage caused by such offenses.
  Furthermore, a significant portion of cases are considered to be the dark figure of crime, and offenses other than rape or forcible indecency are also often committed based upon sexual desires.
  Among persons cleared for rape or forcible indecency, the rate of those with previous convictions for the same offense is lower than among overall persons cleared for non-traffic penal code offenses, but the repeat offender rate and the rate of those with previous convictions are higher. It became clear that a large number of sexual offenses are committed by offenders with previous convictions for other types of offense.