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 White paper on crime 2006 Part 6/Chapter 3/Section 5/1 

1 Problems of the rehabilitation system and its reform

  The Recommendations point out the following three serious problems of the current rehabilitation system: (1) the general public and local communities do not fully understand how the rehabilitation system works; (2) the system of probationary supervision is vulnerable, depending on private citizens; and (3) probationary supervision has not worked well in both aspects of supervision and guidance support.
  Based on these problems, it is recommended that the reform should aim to realize (1) society where ordinary people and those who have committed offenses and delinquency can live together by expanding understanding of the general public and local communities, (2) effective cooperation between public and private sectors by clarifying the roles of the public sector and developing personnel and material systems for rehabilitation offices, and (3) strict probationary supervision by enhancing the effectiveness of probationary supervision, clarifying the purpose of the rehabilitation system, and changing the consciousness of probation officers.