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 White paper on crime 2006 Part 6/Chapter 3/Section 5 

Section 5  Reform of the Rehabilitation System

  The purpose of the rehabilitation system is to help persons who have committed offenses or delinquency rehabilitate themselves, prevent them from repeating offenses, and thereby protect society and promote welfare of individuals and the general public. The "Action Program to Create a Crime-Resistant Society" points out the significance of "enhancement of the rehabilitation system" as one of the measures for "infrastructure development for restoring public safety."
  However, in recent years, serious offenses have often been committed repeatedly by probationers/parolees, which aroused the general public's concern about the present situation of rehabilitation services, in particular, its function to prevent repeat offenses. It has come to be required strongly to review and reexamine the overall rehabilitation system fundamentally. Responding to such moves, the Ministry of Justice established the "Advisory Committee Seeking the Ideal Form of Rehabilitation (hereinafter referred to as the "Advisory Committee" in this Section)" on July 20, 2005. The Advisory Committee consists of intellectuals commissioned by the Minister of Justice and aims to realize necessary reforms at an early date.
  The Advisory Committee had discussions and reexamination on the rehabilitation system from a broad point of view and submitted the "Recommendations on Reform of the Rehabilitation System - Aiming for Building Safe and Peaceful Country and Regions -" to the Minister of Justice on June 27, 2006.