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 White paper on crime 2006 Part 6/Chapter 3/Section 3/5 

5 The Bill on Partial Amendment to the Juvenile Act, etc.

  Considering the current situation of juvenile delinquency, this Bill contains the following: (1) investigation procedures should be developed for cases concerning juvenile offenders under 14 and status offenders; (2) it shall be made possible to commit juveniles under 14 to juvenile training school, when a family court finds it especially necessary; (3) measures shall be developed to further enhance the effectiveness of guidance for juveniles placed under probationary supervision; and (4) a new system shall be introduced to let a family court have the authority to appoint an attendant (attorney) for a juvenile when a juvenile is under protective detention for specified serious cases.
  This Bill was submitted to the Diet at the 164th Session in February 2006, but was carried over to the next Session due to the close of the Session in June 2006.