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 White paper on crime 2006 Part 6/Chapter 3/Section 3/4 

4 The Bill on Partial Amendment to the Penal Code and Other Acts in Response to Globalizing and Organized Crimes and Advanced Information Processing

  Considering the recent situation concerning globalizing and organized crimes and advanced information processing, this Bill contains the following: (1) in order to conclude the U.N. Convention against Transnational Organized Crime, conspiracy of organized crimes and bribery for witnesses, etc. shall be newly specified as criminal offenses, and regulations concerning crime proceeds shall be developed including the expansion of the scope of crime subject to confiscation or collection of the corresponding value to be confiscated (2) in order to appropriately deal with such offenses as malicious and persisting obstruction of compulsory execution committed in an organized manner, legislation shall be developed, such as expanding the scope of acts of obstructing compulsory execution to be punished and raising statutory penalties for such acts; and (3) in order to deal with high-tech crimes and conclude the Convention on Cybercrime, penal regulations for creation of electromagnetic records of unauthorized commands and regulations for procedures to collect evidence on recording media pertaining electromagnetic records shall be developed.
  This Bill was submitted to the Diet at the 163rd Session in October 2005 and was also discussed at the 164th Diet Session. However, due to the close of the Session in June 2006, the Bill was carried over to the next Session.