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 White paper on crime 2006 Part 6/Chapter 3/Section 2/2 

2 Movement for a Brighter Society

  In order to activate crime prevention activities in local communities, it is important to heighten residents' awareness of crime prevention. The "Action Program to Create a Crime-Resistant Society" specifies "promotion of PR activities to heighten the general public's awareness of securities" as one of the concrete measures. As part of this, the Ministry of Justice carries out the "Movement for a Brighter Society," setting every July as an enhancement month.
  For the 55th "Movement for a Brighter Society" in 2005, 108,044 essays were sent for the essay contest for elementary school kids and junior high school students, and a total of 3.17 million people participated in various events including street PR activities and lectures. This movement aims to prevent juveniles, who will play a major role in the next generation, from committing offenses or delinquency by strengthening social solidarity of local residents through these various events. At the same time, it aims to deepen local residents' understanding and concerns on rehabilitation of people who have once committed offenses or delinquency, prompt local communities to accept them as a part of their community and help their rehabilitation, and thereby prevent them from committing offenses or delinquency again.