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 White paper on crime 2006 Part 6/Chapter 3/Section 1/2 

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  In June 2005, at the ministerial meeting on countermeasures against crimes, the government established the "Nationwide Activity Plan for Establishing Safe and Secure Communities" as a complement to the above-mentioned Action Program. The Plan consists of three major pillars: "nationwide activities for establishing safe and secure communities with resident participation;" "assurance of security of residences and children;" and "recovery of sound and attractive entertainment districts and amusement centers." With regard to counterterrorism measures, the government established the "Action Program on Prevention of Terrorism" at the Headquarters for the Promotion of Measures Against Transnational Organized Crime and Other Relative Issues and International Terrorism in December 2004, and has drawn up and implemented countermeasures from various points of views (for the Act for Partial Amendment to the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act, see Section 3, 10 of this Chapter).