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 White paper on crime 2006 Part 5/Chapter 2/Section 1/3 

3 System of notification to complainants and victims

  When a public prosecutor prosecutes or makes a disposition of non-prosecution on a case for which a complaint has been made, the public prosecutor shall promptly inform the complainant of that fact. In case of a disposition of non-prosecution, the public prosecutor shall inform the complainant of the reason for such disposition when so requested.
  A public prosecutor informs particular persons including victims of the result of prosecutor's disposition on the case, the dates of the public trial, and the result of the judgment if they request, in cases where victims have been killed or other serious cases, as well as cases for which public prosecutors have interviewed victims etc. If there is a request from victims, etc., notification may include a summary of facts constituting the offense charged, the principal reasons for non-prosecution, the progress of the public trial, the due time of imprisonment (meaning imprisonment with or without work or penal detention; hereinafter the same in this Section) to be terminated, the date when the offender was released on parole or upon completion of the sentence of imprisonment. Furthermore, in order to prevent victims from receiving damages again, victims, etc. may be notified of the scheduled time for release of the perpetrators prior to the release, when they strongly request and notification is found appropriate in light of motives, conditions, or organizational background of the crimes, relations between the perpetrators and the victims, etc., and perpetrators' behavior or other circumstances.
  Notifications were given in 2005 for 32,074 of the disposition results, 19,097 of the fixed date for the public trial etc., and 27,027 of the results of trials. And the notifications of the scheduled time for release of imprisoned persons were given to 559 victims, etc. in total. (Source: The Criminal Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Justice).
  The "Victim Liaison System" was introduced by the police in July 1996 to provide crime victims etc. with information related to criminal investigation on offenses of homicide etc.