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 White paper on crime 2006 Part 4/Chapter 1/Section 5/2 

2 Violence in schools

  The number of cases of juvenile violence in schools and that of juveniles cleared or guided by police decreased after hitting peaks at 2,125 cases in 1983 and at 10,468 juveniles in 1981, respectively. The number of cases remained below 1,000 recently but increased by 28.0% from the previous year to 1,060 cases in 2005. The number of juveniles cleared or guided by police had been between 1,000 and 1,600 and was 1,385 juveniles (up by 19.3% from the previous year) in 2005. Most of the cleared or guided juveniles were junior high school students every year. In 2005, junior high school students were 1,255 (90.6%), followed by high school students at 109 (7.9%), and elementary school students at 21 (1.5%) (Source: The Community Safety Bureau, National Police Agency).