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 White paper on crime 2003 Part 5/Chap.7/Sec.1/2 

2 Increase in indoor robbery cases committed by adults

  In addition to the increase in street robbery cases, another recent notable trend in offenses committed by adults is the increase in indoor robbery cases, and in particular, robbery involving intrusion or committed by breaking into houses before people in the house go to sleep, and invasive robbery targeting stores/offices. As for motives for committing robbery among adult offenders, cases committed with the motive of obtaining entertainment expenses have been increasing whereas those committed due to poverty or for debt repayment have also been increasing sharply, because of the increase in unemployed people due to recession as well as the increase in persons in financial failure due to unplanned borrowing of money from consumer finance. Unlike street robbery cases, invasive robbery cases often disrupt peaceful life of victims, cause fear to them, and damage their lives, bodies, or chastity. Furthermore, in cases of invasive robbery involving intrusion, the perpetrators commit the offense knowing that they might meet with victims who have yet to go to sleep, and they would attack victims more violently because victims might recognize them or make strong resistance against them (most of serious cases resulting in death are invasive robbery cases committed by breaking into houses before people in the house go to sleep). The increase in this type of robbery cases is more dangerous than the increase in street robbery cases and therefore cautions are required.