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 White paper on crime 2003 Part 5/Chap.1/3 

3 Composition of Part 5

  Following this chapter, the Special Article in Part 5 will proceed in the following order: "Chapter 2 Overview of Recent Heinous Offenses" will provide the basic statistical data necessary for grasping the overall picture of heinous offenses; "Chapter 3 Changes in the Trend of Heinous Offenses (Characteristics of Changes)" will examine recent noticeable trends and characteristics extracted from the analysis of statistical data and the special surveys mentioned above, according to 5 key concepts-"changes in young offenders," "changes in offenders related to organized crime groups and foreign national offenders," "social background and its influence," "changes in regions where crimes arise," and "increasing damage to females, minors, and elderly people," attempting overall analysis and examination from these perspectives; "Chapter 4 Special Survey: Actual Conditions and Problems of Recent Juvenile Robbery Offenders" will focus on the rapid increase in robbery cases committed by juveniles and make detailed analysis on the problems of this issue; "Chapter 5 Special Survey: Trends in Serious Heinous Offenses in Recent Years" will analyze the actual conditions of serious cases of heinous offenses for which the death penalty or life imprisonment has been demanded by prosecutors, while providing specific examples; "Chapter 6 Actual Circumstances of the Criminal Punishments and Treatment of Offenders in Heinous Offenses" will indicate the current situation of criminal punishments for and treatment of offenders based on the actual conditions of heinous offenses. "Conclusion" will suggest countermeasures to be taken in the future in light of this analysis.