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 White paper on crime 2003 Part 4/Chap.1/Sec.3 

Section 3 Trends in Status Offenses

   Fig. 4-1-3-1 shows the trends in the number of juveniles finally disposed by family court by type of status offense and the rate of females in all status offenders (female rate) since 1969 (see Appendix 4-6 ).
  The number of status offenders finally disposed had been over 3,000 in the period of 1980-1984, but decreased afterward and had been under 1,000 since 1994. However, it exceeded 1,000 in 2001 and was 1,025 in 2002.
  The major types of status offenses include running away from home, association with delinquent friends, promiscuity, truancy, etc. Of these offenses, running away from home has almost consistently accounted for the largest share in status offense cases, accounting for 40.6% of all cases in 2002.
  The female rate temporarily declined in the period of 1980-1984 after 1977, but basically remained at the high rate of around 60%. However, it has fallen below 60% since 1997, and was 56.9% in 2002.

Fig. 4-1-3-1 Trends in the number of juveniles finally disposed by family courts for status offenses and the female rate (1969-2002)