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 White paper on crime 2009 Part7/Chapter4 

Chapter 4  Preventive Measures against Repeat Offenses: Current Status and New Initiatives

  The Action Program 2008 provided various preventive measures against repeat offenses to be actively taken with inmates released from penal institutions, juveniles released from juvenile training schools, persons placed under probation/parole supervision, etc.) (See Chapter 1).
  In addition, with regard to drug offenses, the Headquarters for the Promotion of Measures to Prevent Drug Abuse (integrated into the Committee on Measures for Drug Issues under the Ministerial Meeting on Crime Prevention in December 2008) formulated the “Third Five-Year Drug Abuse Prevention Strategy” in August 2008 that includes among its strategic goals the development of enhanced support for the medical treatment and reintegration into society of drug abusers and support for their families, with the understanding that administrative agencies and private organizations need to work together in implementing comprehensive measures for preventing relapses.
  At present, in accordance with the Action Program, etc., government ministries and agencies are collaborating to advance comprehensive measures to prevent repeat offenses in cooperation with agencies and private organizations, etc. in such areas as employment, education, health/medical care, welfare, etc.
  An overview of preventive measures against repeat offenses, mainly focused on the institutional corrections and rehabilitation of offenders, in terms of the status of offenders and stage of criminal proceedings, is provided in Part 2 (Section 3 of Chapter 4, Sections 2 and 3 of Chapter 5) and Part 4 (Sections 4 and 6 of Chapter 2). This chapter provides a summary of recent conditions surrounding the implementation of new measures and the status of efforts in the development of measures for the future.