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 White paper on crime 2005 Part4/Chapter5/Section5/1 

Section5 Probationary Supervision for Serious Juvenile Offenders

1 Attribution of probation office survey object person

  Among278object person,86juvenile offenders were placed under probationary supervision due to court decision or parole from correctional institutions by September30,2004.For these86juvenile probationers/parolees(hereinafter referred to as"probation office survey object person"),this survey was conducted regarding the implementation of environmental adjustment for those people while they were accommodated in correctional institutions,probationary supervision,and guidance and advice concerning victims.Measures for this survey is document research;such as records of probationary supervision and other related documents that had been filed in probation offices nationwide by February2005.
  Among those86probation office survey object person,74(86.0%)were males and12(14.0%)were females.By age at the time of offenses,five juveniles(5.8%)were14,18juveniles(20.9%)were15,19juveniles(22.1%)were16,23juveniles(26.7%)were17,10juveniles(11.6%)were18,and11juveniles(12.8%)were19.
  Table4-5-5-1 shows probation office survey object person by type of delinquency/offenses and type of probationary supervision.

Table4-5-5-1  Probation office survey object person by type of probationary supervision

  In Section1,we analyzed by using classification type of offenses.In the same manner,we use the same classification types of offenses(Group Type,Single Type,Family Type,and Traffic Type)in the analysis in this section. Table4-5-5-2 shows probation office survey object person by type of offenses and classification type of offenses.

Table4-5-5-2  Probation office survey object person by classification type of offenses

  Referring to the situations of probationary supervision at the time of the survey,49(57.0%)were still under probationary supervision,23(26.7%)had completed supervision due to expiration of term of supervision,and the other14(16.3%)had completed supervision before termination of the terms by being granted early discharge due to maintenance of their good conduct.