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 White paper on crime 2004 Part3/Chapter1/Section2/1. 

Section2 Crime Victimization Survey

1. Outline

  In the United States and the United Kingdom,regular surveys are conducted to find the actual status of the types and frequency of offenses committed,including dark figures of crimes not reported to the investigating authorities.
  The Research and Training Institute,the Ministry of Justice,Japan,conducted the first survey on the damage by crime in2000(the"2000survey")in order to gain an understanding of trends on crime(type of offense,reporting rate to investigating authorities,people's concerns about crime etc.)including those cases not known to investigating authorities and to make international comparison of crime.Recently,the institute conducted the second survey(the"2004survey")participating in the2004International Crime Victimization Survey(ICVS)led by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime(UNODC).It was conducted from February1to February29of2004by way of questionnaire-based interview with a random sample of3,000male and female respondents aged16or over.
  The2004survey differs from the2000survey in that offenses of extortion and snatching were added to the survey items,asking method on female victims from sexual victimization was changed from interview to a self-administered questionnaire(the respondent fills in a questionnaire and hands it to the investigator),and questions on security situation were added.