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 White paper on crime 2004 Part3/Chapter1/Section1./5. 

5. Relationship between Victims and Suspects

  Fig. 3-1-1-6 shows the percent distribution of cleared major offenses in2003,according to whether or not the offender was an acquaintance of the victim.The percentages of those crimes committed against relatives or other acquaintances were relatively high for homicide and injury,while the percentages of those against non-acquaintances were generally high for property and sexual offenses.Among property offenses,the percentages of those against acquaintances were higher for extortion and fraud than for robbery and theft.Among sexual offenses,the percentages of crimes against acquaintances were higher for rape than for indecent assault.

Fig. 3-1-1-6 Percent distribution of cleared major offenses,by relationship between victims and suspects and by type of offense(2003)