Section 5 Withdrawal from stimulants

Fig. 7-2-5-1 shows the reasons for quitting stimulants by number of time(s) imprisoned.

Fig. 7-2-5-1 Reasons for quitting stimulants (by number of time(s) imprisoned)

Fig. 7-2-5-1

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Fig. 7-2-5-2 shows the composition of the status of utilizing support from relevant organization, etc., by total/male/female. Relevant organizations, etc. include specialized hospitals (hospitals and clinics providing medical treatment for drug addiction), health institutions (mental health and welfare centers and health centers that drug addicts can consult), recovery support facilities (facilities that drug addicts can be admitted or visit, such as Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Center (DARC)) and self-help groups (groups where drug addicts have meetings, such as Narcotics Anonymous (NA)).

Fig. 7-2-5-2 Support from relevant organizations, etc. (by organization and by total/male/female)

Fig. 7-2-5-2

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