PART 5 Repeat Offenders

Chapter 1 Cleared Offenders

Fig. 5-1-1 shows the trend in the number of repeat offenders (those who had previously been cleared for an offense excluding violations of the Road Traffic Act and were cleared again) cleared for Penal Code offenses and the percentage of repeat offenders (the percentage of repeat offenders among the total number of cleared persons for Penal Code offenses).

Fig. 5-1-1 Penal Code offenses: repeat offenders among cleared persons, and percentage of repeat offenders

Fig. 5-1-1

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Fig. 5-1-2 shows the composition by person with or without a previous conviction among cleared persons for Penal Code offenses, by type of offense in 2019.

Fig. 5-1-2 Penal Code offenses: composition by cleared adult person with/without previous convictions (by type of offense)

Fig. 5-1-2

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