Chapter 5 Prevention of Repeat Offenses by Juvenile/Young Offenders

This chapter presents cases involving those whose problems were deemed to have been corrected through correction/rehabilitation, etc. after receiving protective measures or criminal dispositions while juveniles or at a young age in thereby analyzing factors that promote reformation/rehabilitation (in presenting the cases modifications were made to the extent necessary in order to avoid identification of the individuals involved). Measures for reformation/rehabilitation implemented in treatment through correction/rehabilitation with regard to one or more problem fields associated with the problems of the individual case are also presented along with concrete examples of the subjects’ reactions, etc.

As revealed in the previous chapters, multiple problems and factors that connect to each other exist in the background of delinquencies/offenses committed by juveniles/young people. In addition, the path to being reformed/rehabilitated is not always straight forward and filled with continuous ups and downs, but many of them do eventually achieve stability throughout their entire lives via a more ideal environment being created by the correction/elimination of certain problems. In addition to their own effort, support from the people around them is also necessary in achieving that positive outcome.