6 Measures for victims in rehabilitation services

In response to the Basic Act on Crime Victims and the Basic Plan for Crime Victims the following systems were established under the Offenders Rehabilitation Act that have been in force since December 1, 2007: [1] opinion hearing system, a system in which Regional Parole Boards listen to the opinions, etc. of victims, etc. in the process of the release on parole of inmates from penal institutions or juvenile training schools being examined; and [2] system for informing the victims’ feelings, a system in which probation offices listen to the feelings etc. from victims, etc. and then inform the perpetrators under probation/parole supervision of them. In addition, [3] a system in which Regional Parole Boards and probation offices provide victims, etc. with information on the status of treatment of perpetrators (See Subsections 3 and 4) and [4] a system in which probation offices take the main part in counseling victims, etc. and introducing them to relevant agencies, etc. In 2010 a total of 287 cases of [1], 97 cases of [2], and 1,125 cases of [4] were implemented (See Subsections 3 and 4 for [3]) (Source: The Rehabilitation Bureau, Ministry of Justice).