2 Provision of food, medical care, health guards, etc.

Inmates are provided with food and drink (hot water and tea, etc.), with the daily cost of meals (budget) per adult inmate being 511.75 yen (98.68 yen for main dishes and 413.07 yen for side dishes) in FY 2011 (Source: The Correction Bureau, Ministry of Justice). The content and amount of food are decided with particular attention for elderly and pregnant persons, those engaging in heavy work, and those who cannot eat regular meals due to religious reasons, etc. Inmates are also lent or supplied with clothing, bedding, and other daily necessities, while also being permitted to use self-supplied daily necessities, etc. (purchased at their own expense or received from outside). The daily direct cost (budget) required to imprison an inmate in penal institutions was 1,452 yen in FY 2011.

Medical doctors and other medical specialists are in place at penal institutions to engage in medical treatment and health related work. Furthermore, four medical prisons (Hachioji, Okazaki, Osaka, and Kitakyushu Prisons) have been established as specialized medical treatment penal institutions. In addition, six prisons (Sapporo, Miyagi, Fuchu, Nagoya, Hiroshima, and Fukuoka Prisons) have been designated as medical priority institutions. Both medical equipment and medical specialists have been intensively assigned for use at all the above 10 institutions.