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 White paper on crime 2006 Part 6/Chapter 6/2 

2 Recent criminal trend and the general public's concern

  The number of reported cases for non-traffic penal code offenses decreased for three years continuously after marking the worst record after WWII in 2002, but has still remained at a high level. Meanwhile, the number of reported cases for non-traffic penal code offenses excluding theft continued to increase up to 2004 and registered a slight decrease in 2005, but the future trend does not allow any optimism. Frequent occurrence of peculiar heinous crimes targeting minors in recent years have aroused strong anxiety in society and new types of offenses such as billing fraud and fraud utilizing the Internet increased notably.
  Under such circumstances, serious repeat offenses were committed successively by those discharged from penal institutions, etc. and establishment of measures for preventing repeat offenses including those against sex offenders has come to be recognized as the priority issue. While increasing crimes has been threatening society, the general public has come to be more concerned about support of crime victims, etc. and protection of their rights.