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 White paper on crime 2006 Part 6/Chapter 6 

Chapter 6  Conclusion

  Responding to rapid deterioration in criminal trend in recent years, various new moves have been observed in the area related to criminal policies, such as the implementation of measures aiming to realize a crime-resistant society. Such new moves have prevailed in wide-ranging fields such as crime-preventive activities by local residents and efforts for new criminal legislation, sentencing at trials and treatment measures for offenders inside and outside institutions so as to prevent repeat offenses. These are considered to be visible "new trends of criminal policy." Amidst such moves, reform of the judicial system, which is the most significant issue the judiciary now faces, has been carried out.
  This special article outlined these new moves including judicial system reform and conducted reviews and examinations on immediate problems.
  We will compile the contents of this special article and figure out the future direction that the "new trends of criminal policy" should take.