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 White paper on crime 2006 Part 6/Chapter 3/Section 3/7 

7 The Act for Partial Amendment to the Anti-organized Crime Act (Act No. 86 of 2006) and the Act on State Compensation for the Victims of Crime etc. with Damaged Property, etc. (Act No. 87 of 2006)

  These Acts, which were put into force on June 21, 2006, contain the following so as to further strengthen the confiscation of crime proceeds and the protection of crime victims: (1) with regard to property, etc. which offenders obtained from victims through criminal acts such as property offenses (damaged property), it shall be made possible to confiscate or collect such property in specified cases and to allocate them for the compensation mentioned in (2); and (2) necessary matters shall be specified for providing state compensation for persons who received property damage due to the relevant criminal act by using the property, etc. obtained through confiscation or collection of damaged property.
  These Acts are positioned as a part of measures under the Basic Plan for Crime Victims mentioned in 6 above and shall come into effect, except for some parts, as on the day specified by a Cabinet Order within a limit not exceeding six months from the day of promulgation, or December 1, 2006.