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 White paper on crime 2006 Part 3/Chapter 3/Section 2/1 

Section 2  Crackdown

1 Seizure of stimulants, etc.

  Table 3-3-2-1 shows the amount of stimulants and other drugs seized over the last five years.
  Recently, seized synthetic narcotic tablets such as MDMA have increased sharply.

Table 3-3-2-1  Amount of seized stimulants, narcotics, opium, and cannabis (2001-2005)

  Major embarking points of stimulants found in large-scale seizures (seizure of one kilogram or more per a crime; only those seized by the police) in 2005 were China (excluding Taiwan and Hong Kong) (51.1 kg), Canada (9.9 kg), and Hong Kong (3.4 kg), etc. (Source: The Criminal Investigation Bureau, National Police Agency).