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 White paper on crime 2006 Part 2/Chapter 4/Section 4 

Section 4  Treatment in Women's Guidance Homes

  Women 20 years of age or older who were prosecuted for violating Article 5 of the Anti-Prostitution Act (acts of soliciting or awaiting customers, or following a pedestrian around in public places with a view to soliciting, for the purpose of prostitution, using methods calling public attention to themselves) may be given a guidance disposition if a court suspends the execution of imprisonment. Women given the guidance disposition are to be accommodated in a women's guidance home.
  One woman was accommodated in 2005 (Source: Annual Report of Statistics on Correction).

Explanation of terms

Newly admitted inmates: This refers to those who were newly imprisoned in penal institutions during the period from January 1 to December 31 in a given year so as to serve their sentences that have become final at trial as well as those who were sentenced to death and executed.