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 White paper on crime 2006 Part 2/Chapter 2/Section 2 

Section 2  Arrest and Detention of Suspects

  Table 2-2-2-1 shows the arrest and detention of suspects in cases disposed by public prosecutors (excluding cases of negligence in the pursuit of social activities in traffic accidents and violations of road traffic related acts) by type of offense in 2005.
  The percentage of the suspects arrested and detained by police, etc. or public prosecutors out of all the suspects (excluding corporate bodies) was 31.7%.
  Detention request rate (rate in the cases of suspects were arrested where public prosecutors requested detention of suspects) was 93.1%. Judges rejected 0.3% of these detention requests from public prosecutors.

Table 2-2-2-1  Number of persons arrested or detained in cases disposed by public prosecutors, by type of offense (2005)