Section 2 Violations of conditions for probation / parole

Table 5-4-2-1 shows 3 types of rates of probationers and parolees whose supervision period has terminated within the years of 2007 - 2016: [1] reoffending rate (the percentage of those who committed an offense during their probation/parole supervision period and subjected to criminal dispositions for the offense (including suspended prosecution; for those who received a sentence, the number is limited to those whose sentence was finalized during their probation/parole supervision period) among the total number of probationers/parolees whose probation/parole supervision terminated in the respective years), [2] revocation rate (the percentage of those whose suspended sentence or parole was revoked due to either a violation of their conditions for probation/parole supervision or re-offending), and [3] revocation/redisposition rate (the percentage of those probationers/parolees who either re-offended and were re-dispositioned or their probation/parole was revoked due to either re-offending or a violation of the conditions for probation/parole supervision. A person falling under both categories is counted as one person.).

Table 5-4-2-1 Re-offending/Revocation rates of probationers and parolees whose supervison period has terminated

Table. 5-4-2-1

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