PART 5 Repeat Offenders
Chapter 1 Cleared Offenders

Fig. 5-1-1-1 shows the number of repeat offenders (those who had previously been cleared for an offense excluding Road Traffic Act violations and were cleared again) cleared for Non-traffic Penal Code Offenses and the rate of repeat offenders (the percentages of repeat offenders among total cleared persons for Non-traffic Penal Code Offenses).

Fig. 5-1-1-1 Penal Code Offenses: repeat offenders among persons cleared, and rate of repeat offender

Fig. 5-1-1-1

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Fig. 5-1-1-2 shows the percent distribution of persons with a previous conviction among cleared persons for Penal Code Offenses.

Fig. 5-1-1-2 Penal Code Offenses: cleared persons with/without previous conviction and percentages of persons with previous convicton, by types of offense

Fig. 5-1-1-2

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